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arrow.gif (236 bytes)General

  • Open up to 9 databases at once
  • Drag and drop people between databases
  • Open multiple copies (and views) of the same database
  • Unlimited people, facts, notes, sources, places
  • Over 50 predefined fact types (birth, marriage, death, occupation, religion, etc), or create your own
  • Create user defined family fact types (in addition to individual fact types)
  • Easily track multiple relationships, such as adoptions, foster parents, etc
  • Integrated backup and restore help safeguard your data
  • Support for international character sets
  • Family Origins Explorer lets you easily find and edit anyone in your family tree
  • Marriage Lists lets you search by marriage (including wife's maiden name)
  • Select full ancestor or descendant trees for GEDCOM, reports, etc.
  • Select all related individuals for GEDCOM, reports, etc.
  • True 32 bit program

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Print Heirloom Quality Trees

  • Graphical timeline wall charts
  • Relationship chart shows the relationship between any two people in your database
  • Hourglass wall chart shows all ancestors and descendants of a person
  • WYSIWYG print preview of all trees
  • Choose your border styles and colors
  • Include pictures in your family trees
  • Ancestor, Descendant, Pedigree, and Family Trees
  • Ancestor and descendant Wall Charts with photos

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Print Detailed Family Stories with Full Documentation

  • Print documents comprised of multiple report types (i.e. books, pedigree charts, family group sheets, etc) with common index and source bibliography
  • Print stories (books) of your ancestors and descendants
  • Modified register descendancy book
  • Indented descendancy book
  • Henry descendant book
  • D'Aboville descendant book
  • Print uplines (i.e. Samuel-3, David-2, William-1) of descendants in Modified Register books
  • Print source citations as true footnotes to RTF files
  • Print direct to printer, or export to your word processor (RTF)
  • Include photos, notes, bibliography, and alphabetical index

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Dozens of Useful Reports

  • Print many reports to Acrobat (PDF) files
  • Copy any printout to the clipboard in Enhanced Meta File (EMF) format
  • Letter writer including sample letters
  • Letter writer provides address and phone numbers for county, state, US, and international resources (requires internet access)
  • Letter writer can automatically add your letter information to the correspondence log
  • Personal Timeline List
  • Calendars with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Address labels for mailings
  • Surname statistics list
  • Missing information list
  • Set margins, headers, and footers for all printouts
  • Double sided printing support
  • Select the number of copies to print for each printout
  • Enhancements to many existing reports
  • Forest List details how many trees are in your database
  • Multiple Parents List lists every person that has more than one set of parents entered
  • Marriage List lists all marriages sorted by names, dates, or places.
  • Fact Usage List lists every person that has a particular fact entered for them
  • Family Timeline List chronologically lists every event in a family (or any other group of individuals)
  • Kinship list shows how everyone in your family tree is related to you
  • Problem list catches data entry errors
  • Address list prints the addresses which you enter for people
  • Statistics report computes average ages, average number of children, etc
  • Print every event that occurred in any place
  • Print standard Pedigree charts and Family Group Sheets (including blank ones)
  • Individual summaries print everything you know about a person
  • Birthday and Anniversary list reminds you of important dates
  • To Do list helps organize your research
  • Blank research logs, correspondence logs, and cemetery records forms
  • Many other lists
  • Even design and print your own customized reports of any or every person in your family tree

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Multimedia Scrapbook

  • Attach photographs, sound clips, and video clips to any person or family
  • Attach photographs, sound clips, and video clips to any place, source, or event
  • Attach documents (i.e. Word, etc) to people, families, places, sources, or events
  • Scan photos directly into Family Origins
  • Edit photos in Family Origins (sharpness, brightness, contrast, etc)
  • Crop, rotate, and zoom images in photo editor
  • Include a caption and detailed description of every item in your scrapbook
  • Rearrange photos in each scrapbook
  • Preview images when adding to scrapbook
  • Individual photo is shown on main navigation screens
  • Print your photos alone, in a scrapbook, or in trees, stories, forms, and reports
  • Print your scrapbook and trees in the format you want, and the border styles and colors you select

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Put Your Family on the World Wide Web

  • Family Finder Report automatically looks for your family on CD's and websites
  • Internet Family Finder
  • Biography Assistant
  • Genealogy message boards
  • "How to" articles
  • Social Security Death Index
  • Family Reunion Planner
  • Automatically create a web-site including photos, notes, sources, index, surname list, GEDCOM file, email, etc
  • Improved look for created websites
  • Add your own links to your home page
  • Create ancestor or descendant websites
  • Create pedigree chart websites
  • Create family group sheet websites
  • Create websites of any or all individuals in your database
  • "Privatize" living persons in your website
  • Automatic creation of GENDEX.TXT file for websites

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Quick and Easy

  • Work from either a family view or tree view (or switch back and forth)
  • Drop list display of all spouses and children of each person in the tree view makes navigation much easier
  • Family members are automatically linked as you add them
  • Automatically checks for duplicates as you add people
  • Just double click on a person's name to edit that person
  • Smart place entry
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Customizable tool bar
  • Automatically search for Family Origins or GEDCOM files
  • Select from recently used databases
  • Assign default folders for different file types
  • Easy to use Explorer-like help system

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Powerful Search Capabilities

  • Search by name
  • Search by record number
  • Search by dates and places of events
  • Search by type of occupation, religion, etc.
  • Search by married name
  • Search and sort by last edited date
  • Search by any combination of the above 

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Professional Documentation

  • Add notes and stories/notes to any fact or person
  • Easy to use Source Manager tracks all your documentation (certificates, census, books, etc)
  • Enter each source only once, then reuse it elsewhere with a single keystroke
  • Add a source to multiple people at once
  • Add a global source to each person when importing a GEDCOM file.
  • Track repositories where the sources are found
  • Print your documentation (notes and sources) in your stories (books), reports, summaries, and forms

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Compatible

  • Full GEDCOM 5.5 support so you can exchange data with other programs
  • GEDCOM import option to combine into current database or create a new database
  • Compatible with LDS Ancestral File and TempleReady
  • Directly import data from Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
  • Direct PAF 3.0 and 4.0 import
  • Includes full LDS support (optional)

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Includes Many Useful Tools

  • Correspondence Log lets you keep track of all your incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Bookmark any individual(s) in your database
  • Spell Checker checks the current notes, or all notes.
  • Global search and replace for notes, sources, names, places, etc.
  • Forest command counts the number of separate trees in your database.
  • To Do list (research log) lets you keep track of research you still need to do
  • Date calculator
  • Relationship calculator shows you the relationship between any two people
  • Soundex calculator (including alternate methods)
  • Automatically find and merge duplicate records

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Powerful Database Merging

  • Enhanced duplicate search
  • Start duplicate search on any surname or letter of the alphabet
  • Duplicate search on Ancestral File numbers
  • Duplicate search on reference numbers
  • SmartMerge (tm) technology automatically merges records that meet certain criteria
  • Fully automatic SmartMerge
  • Merge on Unique ID option allows easy collaboration with other family members using Family Origins
  • Merge all duplicate sources at once
  • Merge all duplicate repositories at once
  • Save your position in a merge session and later pick up where you left off
  • Return to prior unmerged match in a merge session
  • Displays all individual facts and family members for merge candidates

arrow.gif (236 bytes)Full LDS Support

  • Full TempleReady for Windows support
  • Automatically update completed ordinance dates and temples
  • See "Qualified" ordinances when selecting people for TempleReady
  • Full TempleReady and Ancestral File support
  • Reconcile TempleReady files with your database
  • Enter and edit LDS ordinances from a single screen
  • LDS baptism can be either live or proxy
  • LDS ordinance status field
  • Print "Qualified" or "Not qualified" (and reason) on LDS reports


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