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Family Origins Newsletter

Copyright © 1999-2002 FormalSoft, Inc.
All rights reserved

This will probably be the last issue of the Family Origins newsletter (I hear a lot of you saying “I thought you stopped writing it a long time ago <g>).

As many of you know, we (FormalSoft) have been working on a new genealogy program called RootsMagic which we released in February 2002.

Many of you have been using Family Origins since we first licensed it to Parsons Technology over 12 years ago.  You have gone through all the company changes with us (Parsons, Intuit, Broderbund, The Learning Co. , Mattel,  Others are relative newcomers to the program.  Many users lost track of who was marketing the program, while others thought the program had been discontinued.

As of January 2003, has discontinued our Family Origins program, and it became necessary for us to just write a whole new genealogy program.  RootsMagic was written by the same programming “team” that has written every version of Family Origins.  And while it is a new program, Family Origins users will find it easy to move to RootsMagic.  No data will be lost, and there won’t be a huge learning curve.  RootsMagic has a list price of $29.95 (which includes the PlaceFinder program).

There are hundreds of thousands of Family Origins users out there, but we only know who a small fraction of them are.  So if you have friends, relatives, or even enemies that you have told about Family Origins, we hope you will let them know about RootsMagic.


Copyright © 1997-2006, FormalSoft, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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