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Ordering Family Origins
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As you may know, we (FormalSoft) wrote Family Origins over 12 years ago and licensed the marketing rights to Parsons Technology.  We continued to write every single version of Family Origins since then.

Parsons Technology was bought up by Mattel, and our contract with Parsons was assigned to genealogy.com by them.

In January 2003, genealogy.com discontinued Family Origins in favor of their own genealogy program.  This is the third genealogy program they have acquired the rights to and then discontinued.

Because of this it was necessary for us to develop a new genealogy program to replace Family Origins.

RootsMagic is the natural successor to Family Origins.  Don't be fooled by the claims of other programs.

  • RootsMagic was written by the same programming team that wrote every version of Family Origins.
  • RootsMagic is the only program that can import your Family Origins data without losing any information.
  • RootsMagic's look and feel is closer to Family Origins than any other program available.

If you are looking for a program that is every bit as easy to use as Family Origins, and every bit as powerful as Family Origins, and written by the same programming team that wrote every version of Family Origins, then RootsMagic is the program for you.

Click here to order RootsMagic for only $29.95

Switching from Family Origins to RootsMagic is easy!


Copyright 1997-2006, FormalSoft, Inc.  All rights reserved.

RootsMagic Genealogy Software