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The Pros

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"I cannot think of any comparatively priced genealogy program that offers all the features of Family Origins. It has a very easy to use interface, perhaps the easiest that I have seen in a genealogy program." - Dick Eastman, forum manager of CompuServe's Genealogy forum, and author of "YOUR ROOTS: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer" published by Ziff-Davis Press.

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"So why am I so excited about Family Origins? Let's take a tour... It was these features that caused me to think of Family Origins as a hundred-dollar piece of software with a thirty-dollar price tag." - Genealogical Computing Magazine (Winter 1997)

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins for Windows version 5 is the finest genealogy program I've ever found. How good is it? My second favourite found is Family Origins for Windows version 4.1a." - John Cardiff, Norfolk Historical Society

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins is a robust, mature genealogy program. We would highly recommend this program to anyone." - Ron Olsen, Everton's Genealogical Helper Online Edition

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins is a wonderful, easy to use genealogy program for beginners and experienced genealogists alike. The reasonable price, 30-day guarantee, and support (both online and offline) make this program a great buy!" - Online Pioneers (Issue #17)

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins for Windows will definitely remain to occupy precious disk space on our computer." - San Diego Genealogy Society newsletter

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins stacks up well against higher priced programs... it is well worth the money." - Family Chronicle magazine


The Press

pcpro.gif (7284 bytes)arrow.gif (236 bytes)"If you're wondering which application to buy to help you research your family history, wonder no longer -- this is it." - PC Pro Magazine

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins is the best software I have seen for entering and manipulating genealogical data." - Practical PC Magazine

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins is a full-featured genealogy program you will never outgrow, and a fine choice for anyone wanting to get started on tracing their roots or someone looking to move up from some of the hokier products on the market." - San Diego Union Tribune

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins can handle just about any genealogical research task with minimal fuss. This Windows package is as easy a program as you'll find to keep track of your family tree." - PC Novice magazine

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins is designed to accommodate the needs of even the most serious family historian." - Inc Magazine


The Masses

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"I highly recommend Family Origins for genealogy record keeping. Family Origins is the official genealogy software of the Wolfe family." - Frank Wolfe, Warwick Valley PC Users Group

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"Family Origins for Windows is perhaps the best family history program on the market. I have been using PAF for many years now but Family Origins gives me a completely new outlook on family history research. It creates an excitement in me that I have not had previously". - Glen Parker, Utah Computer Society

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"I believe this to be an excellent genealogical program for a very reasonable price and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to novice or experienced family historians whether they are new to computers or "old hands" at it." - Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn, Greater Victoria PC Users' Association

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"There is no question Family Origins is clearly the superior program for the serious and amateur genealogist. It provides the best system for source documentation by far, and for navigating through the tree. I love the ability to switch back and forth between family group and pedigree. Also the book and report generation features are outstanding." - Jim from AOL

arrow.gif (236 bytes)"I just wanted to thank you for a consistently high quality program. This is the second time we've upgraded Family Origins, and it truly keeps getting better and better." - Bob from mdn.com


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