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	What is Family Origins?
	How This Book is Organized
Guided Tour
	Creating a Database
	Adding Yourself
	Adding Other People
The Main Screen
	The Tree View
	The Family View
	Other Stuff on the Screen
Working With Databases
	Creating a New Database
	Opening an Existing Database
	Working with Multiple Databases
	Dragging and Dropping People
	Protecting Your Database
	Renaming Your Database
	Deleting Your Database
	Packing Your Database
	Getting Database Information
Growing Your Family Tree
	Adding People to Your Database
	Adding an Unlinked Individual
	Adding Parents, Spouses, and Children
	Deleting People and Families
	Unlinking People from Each Other
	Rearranging Children and Spouses
	Swapping Husbands and Wives
Editing a Person
	Names, Titles and Sex
	Facts and Events
	Notes, Photos, and Other Stuff
Just the Facts Ma'am
	What Is a Fact?
	The Fact List
Finding People in the Database
	Finding a Person by Name
	Finding a Person by Other Information
	Editing From the Explorer
	Finding a Person by Marriage
	Finding a Person's Relatives
	Bookmarking a Person
Documenting Your Family
	What Are Notes and Sources?
	Where Can I Use Notes and Sources?
	The Source Manager
	The Repository and Contact List
Pictures and Stuff - Multimedia
	Adding a Scrapbook Item
	Removing a Scrapbook Item
	Rearranging Scrapbook Photos
	Editing Scrapbook Photos
	Printing Scrapbook Photos
	Viewing and Editing a Document
	Playing Sound and Video Clips
	Getting Details on Your Scrapbook Items
Putting Your Family on Paper
	Report Options
	Pedigree Charts
	Family Group Sheets
	Box Charts
	Hourglass Tree
	Custom Reports
	Individual Summary
	Photo Charts
	Blank Forms
	Writing a Letter
	Timeline Chart
	Relationship Chart
Custom Reports
	Let's Create One
	Designing a Custom Report
	Modifying a Custom Report
	Printing a Custom Report
Family Journals
Sharing Data With Others
	Importing a PAF File
	What is GEDCOM?
	Importing a GEDCOM File
	Creating a GEDCOM File
	Should I Send GEDCOM Files by Email?
Merging Duplicate Records
	Individual Merge
	Duplicate Search and Merge
	Other Merge Options
	Collaborating With Family Members
Research Aids
	To Do List
	Correspondence Log
	Blank forms
	Sending Books to Family Members
	Other Printouts
	Creating a Family Website
	Keeping a Research Database
	The Date Calculator
	The Relationship Calculator
	The Soundex Calculator
	Spell Checking
	Global Search and Replace
	Forest (Count of Trees in Database)
Putting Your Family on the Web
	Creating a Family Website
	Uploading Your Website
	The Internet Menu
	Family Finder Report
	Other Internet Resources
LDS Support
	Entering Information
	Printing Information
Family Origins Options
	Database Options
	Program Options
	Name of Preparer
	Root Person
	Screen font and color
Quick Summary
	Main Menu Commands
	Toolbar Commands
	Built-in Fact Types
	Program Limits


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